Another Random Post About Random Things and Thoughts

So. The first time I did a post about random stuff, which you can find here (though that one’s not totally random and did have a general Christmas theme), nobody really liked it. I don’t blame anyone. Because I’m not a very good writer and people can only handle so much sporadic thought thrown at them at once. Despite that, here I am. Again. Throwing my thoughts at you. Don’t be alarmed. Or, if you are, turn off your device, put it down, and run away screaming. Because I can’t see you. And I won’t judge you if you DO run away screaming. Sometimes I’m scared of myself too. It’s natural.

To start off, I’m going to talk about the Lord of the Rings. I recently hosted a movie night with some friends where we watched the Two Towers. Note to self: It is not smart to put teenagers in a room with guitars and exercise equipment. I had to refill a water pitcher, and when I came up, someone (you know who you are) had turned off the movie and all of the guys were trying to see how many chin-ups they could do on the pull-up bar while someone else messed around in the corner with a guitar. Moral of the story: Teenagers are weird. But you knew that already.

Speaking of teenagers, what is the obsession with coffee? That may seem like a non-logical follow-up to you, but all of my friends are in love with coffee. I just don’t get it. Sure, it smells good. And there’s caffeine in it. But it tastes bitter and unless it’s drowned in whipped cream, it doesn’t taste super good. That’s just my opinion. And also, why would people go get coffee at 10:30 PM after an afore-mentioned movie night? And if you’re going to get coffee, why Starbucks? IT TASTES BURNT, PEOPLE. I can deal with bitter coffee, but not BURNT coffee. What’s the big deal? NO, SERIOUSLY, I WANT TO KNOW.

And moving on. I feel like I should talk about books after talking about coffee. The two just seem to go together, even though I love books and don’t really like coffee. SO I’m going to reveal my favorite book of all time, other than the Bible. For those of you who actually know me, this won’t be a surprise: It’s Peter Pan. The original. Also known as Peter and Wendy. The one written by J.M. Barrie. IT’S SO GOOD. I notice some new interesting little phrases and brief mentions of lesser-known characters every time I read it. It captures the heart of many children in a way I don’t see anywhere else. the only thing I sometimes dislike is how proud Peter is. But that’s part of his character. Anyway, because I like this book so much, I’m writing a spin-off. I know it’s been way over done, but hey, I figured I’d give it a try. At least I’m not writing a Peter Pan backstory. Every one I’ve read has been disappointing. Oh well.

Back to non-book stuff.

For that movie night thing, I made red velvet cupcakes. Which reminded me of how much I like cake XD. I know it’s kinda obvious–I mean, most people like cake. But here’s what I DON’T like about most cakes: the icing. Super sweet, sticky, hard icing is NOT my idea of delicious. I get it, many people like that stuff. But not me. It’s just…ew. Gross. What I DO like is my mom’s icing, which I may or may not tell y’all how to make one day. It’s got exactly the right amount of sweetness and is so soft it feels like a cloud. OK, I know clouds are actually made of water and probably don’t feel like much of anything. BUT LET ME PRETEND.  It’s texture exactly like you would imagine a cloud to feel like if you didn’t know that clouds were water.

Anyway, I have to go actually do something with my life now. I’ll try to post again soon : )

What’s your favorite book? What do you think about coffee and store-bought icing/frosting? Tell me in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Another Random Post About Random Things and Thoughts

  1. I love mysteries, especially those written by Agatha Christie and Lilian Jackson Braun. I love homemade coffee. Most restaurants don’t make it to my taste. As for icing, I love cream cheese icing and chocolate mint. My daughter asks for my red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for her birthday cake each year.

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